spot weld scanner

InspectionTechnology Europe Bv supplies a patented portable scanner to test integrity of spotwelds by producing a miniature ultrasonic C-scan.

The high frequency ultrasonic transducer makes a high speed scan inside the probe head which can be coupled to the material similar to a conventional ultrasonic transducer.

Where spot weld testing is still mostly carried out with a single element transducer positioned on the weld by evaluating the ultrasonic response, the manual spot weld scanner immediately gives 100% visual C scan presentation of the possible voids, lack of fusion , inclusions etc.

Manual spot weld testing with a single element transducer very much depends on operator experience and with rather low reliability and reproduceability. It is time consuming as well.

With the manual spot weld c scanner the result is available in a few seconds only, the reliability is very high and the reproduceabilty as well. The result is hardly depending on operator experience and only little training is required.

Spot weld testing with the hand held UT C-scanner is a very economic and reliable method for reseach and production. Also laser welds can now be tested.