Ultrasonic Thickness gauges

We offer the complete  program ultrasonic thickness gauges of Dakota Ultrasonics , SADT and SIU for competitive prices and 100% personal support and service.
It is not just the thickness gauge itself which is of importance to meet your requirements , but the right choice for the transducer can make a big difference and is often underestimated.
There is a very wide choice  of gauges in the world.  The many webshops around seem to make it easy for you but it often appears that the purchase does not meet the expectations because of the poor advice.  Even after 35  years of experience it is necessary that we sometimes ask our customers for samples of the material to be measured so we can select the best gauge /transducer combination.

We strongly recommend you to let us know the aplication ask for our advice

IBT-15  low cost but good quality thickness gauge

De IBT-15 is simple to use with a clear English manual. Large display characterwith back light display. Rugged plastic housing.

Measuring range in steel with standard transducer : 1.2-200mm steel

Material: Pre-programmed settings for Steel, Aluminium, Cupper, Brass, Zinc, Glass, HDPE, PVC,  one free programmable position for your  own velocity setting.


Dimensions : 140 x 73 x 30 mm

IBT-15 thickness gauge for just 215,00 Euro .  Optional larger carry case with large bottle (335 ml) couplant for 41,00 Euro .  Prices are ex. works

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