Multiplexer module with processor board

For applications requiring low speed multiplexing ITI has a 40 channel board to hook up maximum 40 transducers which can be selected in an automatic sequence from 1 to 40 or, selective on one channel only or random by manual control. A reliable and very economical way to take UT measurements at places where speed is not required and where the cost need te be kept low.

A small controller board with RS485 interface is used for connection with a PC. Normally this module is used in combination with our Ultimo2500 dual channel pulser /receiver procesor unit

Applications are slow wall thinning situations, potential cracking and endless other ultrasonic applications. The multiplexer works with miniature high frequency relays which can work with typical pulser voltages and low level signals.

Complete software package

Low speed multiplexer software

If used with the Ultimo2500 dual channel UT module we offer a complete Windows software package.

Low speed multiplexer software 60All UT of the U2500 module parameters can be set in the remote controlled software via a 1Gb/100Mb Ethernet link

All 40 channels have individual gain adjustment, pos/neg rectifications and velocity setting. A-scans can be viewed realtime