Sales of standard products are arranged through direct contact with our customers, either face-to-face (if practically feasible) or by phone, email, or Skype contact. We do not operate a web shop based on the philosophy that we want to ensure our customers are sold the right product for the job and the fact that we value personal contact with our clients. While many of the standard products we sell are not exclusively manufactured by ITE, we strive to supply a series of instruments that we know are reliable and well built. Importantly, for standard products our prices are not higher than the original manufacturers prices.

Sales of custom products and systems developed and manufactured in house by ITE naturally require more intensive and direct customer contact. Our customers are always welcome to visit our offices and we are more than happy to visit you. We highly value the involvement and input of our customers in providing a clear analysis of the parameters and circumstances required when it comes to the development of special applications. In this regard we see it as beneficial if key personnel from the customer’s side (i.e. leading operators) participate in the production process as they can often be the best judge of the product or system being developed from the end user’s point of view. As a matter of routine, the complete process, covering all technical and sales meetings, is documented so that everyone involved can stay informed.