Inspection Technology Europe BV- Allied Engineers (ITE) was founded by Frans Tollenaar in 2003 after many years as managing director at AIMS NDT BV. Originally trained as an electrical engineer, Frans also has a strong affinity for mechanical engineering. With more than 30 years experience in NDT, Frans is uniquely specialized in ultrasonic testing and industrial instrumentation.

Frans_Tollenaar_Inspection_Technology_Europe_BVITE’s philosophy is to supply our customers with practical and reliable solutions across a range of needs, be it simple thickness gauges to more complex instrumental systems. Importantly, we aim to satisfy all of our customers’ NDT needs above a quick sale. For new customers who may not be familiar with basic NDT technologies, we are happy to invest the extra time that may be needed to bring them up to speed. In such start-up scenarios we prefer to take a patient approach to offering the practical support and training required. In cases where extra time is required to implement new solutions we are happy to do so, assuring that our customer’s investment results in a good working solution. We strongly believe that such a supportive approach is the best for everyone in the long run, resulting in happy users who in turn provide us with the feed-back needed to sustain quality service.

From the outset ITE has chosen to pursue a different approach towards product development and sales. Rather than employing their own team of engineers, ITE works in close cooperation with a select group of small-to-medium sized engineering companies, providing for a high degree of flexibility along with efficient and effective performance. Such an arrangement has the important advantage of offering a very high level of know-how, experience, and motivation combined with low overhead costs. ITE operates primarily from its central offices Vogelenzang (the Netherlands) where sales and project management are overseen. Together with our partner organizations throughout the Netherlands and abroad, we function as a dedicated team offering a high level of experience in project management and implementation, engineering (both electrical and mechanical), instrumentation, software, and service.