MFD900 is a concept UT system allowing reliable ultrasonic testing at the highest level of performance. The system is based on conventional proven technologies and guarantees stable operation in your production lines over many years if not decades.

All in one approach

The big and unique difference of the MFD900 among other ultrasonic systems is the ALL IN ONE approach.

  • All external functions such as Start/Stop, new part detection, product positioning and throughput speed by encoders, can be directly hard wired to the ultrasonic test system with a protected I/O module .
  • Automated testing by 1000 different test parameter set ups
  • Full reporting with all customer inputs, production data and your own Logo on top.

A standard MFD900 mainframe can contain maximum 24 channels, but a multiple of mainframes can be combined into one total system. If local control on the equipment is not required, the systems can be supplied in a 19”rack box where an external PC is used for controlling the system as well as for the presentation and reporting. Layout and controls are very user friendly and the outputs of all channels can be combined in one test report , to be printed or saved to your host computer.


A number of standard configurations are available for different applications such as weld inspection, OCTG pipe inspection, pipe – and tube inspection , solid bar inspection.MFD900 multi channel ultrasonic flaw detector with plug in modules The MFD900 is built as a modular system for easy maintenance in the field The pulser receivers can be quickly exchanged. As all electronic calibration data is stored in the module itself the testing proces can continue immediately after the exchange. The rear panel contains connectors for hardware input of production line signals such as start-stop sensors and encoders and also output signals for alarm, paint markers and other functions.

MFD900 box version

Because of the various display space required, the MFD900’s own screen is often too small to practically display all information such as the  set up parameter functions, individual a-scans of the channels selected, display of test result graphs and the reporting area. If  a combined UT system with LCD screen and loal controls is not required for in line applications, the MFD900 box version is a solution. The 19″rack mount box can be placed in a 19″rack  while two large monitors can be applied for the various display fields.

MFD900 multi channel UT flaw detector


MFD900 box version

MFD box PC with two monitors for the ultrasonic presentation

test report with graphs of flaw wall thickness diameter

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Non destructive testing requires reporting of the tested parts. The MFD900 software generates Amplitude and Time of Flight  ( thickness) graphs immediately after the part is tested. The software contains a complete package of reporting software for the user.

Each reporting package can be customized with the user’s own name and Logo.

After each each individual report a list of tested parts in a group is made with all relevant ultrasonic parameters and test results per line.

Reports are saved to a user defined location such as the customer’s host computer when connected to the system

report of a series of inspected tubes

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